4 Goal Power Questions That Can Change Your Life This Year!

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One year is completing, I hope you finish it well. Another year is beginning, why not make it your best year ever?Four powerful goal setting questions and how you answer them, will determine your success in life. It all begins with a story.

There’s a young boy who, in sixth grade, had a difficult time in school. He figured that once he got to junior high, life would be easier. Then in junior high, he was only disappointed by the way things didn’t go as he had expected they would; his voice changed and he received poor grades. That was when he decided that life must get much better after high school. Then one day, just barely, he graduated high school. After high school, he realized he had to pay his own way, which made life that much harder.

When he married his special someone, life seemed to get a little bit better; but not before long, married life presented a different set of problems. Then children came, along […]

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Why Congress Should be Reformed or Abolished

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Congress is leaderless and it hit me straight between the eyes on a recent business trip to Washington D.C.  While at the US Congress, I visited its museum. As I read about and was reminded of the constitutional powers vested in Congress, I became disheartened.  I thought to myself, this is what they are required  to do (Article 1, section 8 ) and they don’t do it well at all. I share this not as a political view but as an example of leadership failure.

WCW, IntegrityLeadershipCharacteristicSo I did some due diligence and found that only 11% of Americans give Congress a positive approval rating, tied for the lowest rating since 1974.  59% of Americans think Congress sells votes for cash. According to one survey, the profession of Congressperson is considered to be one to the top ten sleaziest ways to make a living, just a few notches below a drug […]

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Warning: Pessimism is Hazardous to Your Health

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A 25-year study at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic determined that pessimism is hazardous to your health. To identify optimism and pessimism tendencies, the Mayo Clinic distributed a personality test to hundreds of participants. The results proved that, on average, pessimistic people die 19 percent earlier than optimistic individuals. In other words, optimistic people live 13-14 years longer, suffer less illness, and experience a better quality of life.  I don’t know about you but that matters to me. So I checked out what else relates to this.

My Quest, NoGoalTooHighResearch also shows that optimists and pessimists are startlingly separated when confronted by adversity. Pessimists lack confidence, and envision the worst. This leads to hopelessness. It also creates added worry, fear, anxiety, stress and depression. They often stop trying and are miserable. This kind of world view destroys a person’s attitude, decreases career opportunities and  diminishes life expectancy.

Blind optimism can cause over confidence and carelessness. Yet under pressure optimists tend to continue to perform well. They say things […]

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How to Be a Good Boss and Achieve Your Goals

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Think of the worst supervisor or boss you ever had. Chances are someone comes immediately to mind. Why do you consider this person “the worst?” How did he or she act? How did this bad boss’s approach affect your attitude and work effort? Did this person influ­ence you to do your best?

Now, think of a situation where you had the best boss ever. (It’s harder to identify a boss who shines, isn’t it?) What was this person like, and what did he or she do differently? How did this person affect you and your work effort?

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Did you want to do a better job for the best boss versus worst boss? Of course! Regrettably, it’s far more likely that the majority of our work life has been spent reporting to bad bosses. Bad bosses continue to dom­inate the landscape of corporate America today. Despite the research on effective leadership and companies’ profit and loss statements, bad bosses are […]

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Legendary Lessons from Ten Great Leaders

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No leader is born great or a hero. It comes from education, experience, and the lessons learned from others. Here are ten great leaders and the legendary lessons they have given us. Are you willing to receive and apply them?

Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years for his beliefs about freedom and equality.  He eventually became the first black President of South Africa. He changed a nation and ended apartheid by his selfless but resolute leadership. He demonstrated reconciliation and forgiveness. Lesson 1 is to be clear on your values. Mandela reminds us,“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a statesman and hero in early Rome. He was highly regarded and an opponent of the ruling elite of his day. Following the condemnation of his son, he was forced to live simply on his small farm. […]

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10 Reasons Why Companies Fail to Improve Their Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction has improved less than 2% in the last twenty years according to the ACSI. Companies have spent billions of dollars since the book, In Search of Excellence, trying to improve. In this leadership training video Rick will share 10 reasons why they have failed.

WCW, CustomerExperienceRevolutionResearch is now showing that improving the customer experience is really the next marketing battleground. It is becoming more important than price and innovation. Few companies do it well. Organizations like Disney, Google, Wegman’s, Nordstroms and others set the standard. Most other companies talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Just consider how many place you go and receive poor service.

In this customer experience video clip Rick will emphasize the importance of customer loyalty and share the pitfalls. He will also explain key opportunities for strategy breakthrough and bottom-line results.

Rick and his team at WCW Partners have helped their clients win 48 Quality Service Awards including JD Power, Ford’s President’s Award and Canada’s Consumer Choice Award.

By the way, do you […]

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Why Coaching is the “Secret Sauce” of Leadership

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“On Raglan Road” by Van Morrison and the Chieftains has these lines about hidden, subtle ideas:

I gave her gifts of the mind,
I gave her the secret signs,
That’s known to the artists who have known
The true gods of sound and stone.  

With the rapid pace of life and change in the modern world, there isn’t time for not revealing any secrets today. Too many managers fail unnecessarily. I hope they all succeed. While there are other important leadership skills, the lack of coaching is one of the main reasons for leadership derailment. Poor leaders don’t seem to care. I have seen too many managers in too many companies short circuit their results, careers and employees’ potential because of this. Coaching is not an inborn trait. It’s about learning a process and applying all the emotional intelligence skillsrequired for good relationships. If you are a manager or you want to be a manager you can […]

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How to Be a Leader When You Don’t Have the Title Yet

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Real leaders don’t depend on the “leader” label to launch their leadership legacy. For example:

  • Scientist and former President of India, Abdul Kalam is one of the country’s most respected leaders Starting from near poverty, he took odd jobs to pursue his education, studying aerospace engineering where he achieved great success.
  • Jack Ma is founder and chairman of Alibaba Group, an Internet based company.  He desired to learn English so he rode his bike to a nearby hotel every day to talk to tourists. He failed an entrance exam at an university three times before going on to receive a BA in English. He doesn’t write computer code and hasn’t made one sale to a customer. Yet he became a student chairman, and later started a business with some US friends to build websites for Chinese companies.  Today he is one of the richest men in the world.
  • Stephen Biko was an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa. He grew up with modest means but always subject to the racism […]
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