The DNA of a New Species of Leaders


Business, if not world leadership, is at a precipice. Will the old guard continue to dominate in their greedy, selfish, unethical manner? Or, will employee and customers alike become even more restless, disengaged and maybe revolutionary in thought or action, and demand a wholesale leadership change?

A new species of leaders is arising. In nature, geneticists call this sympatric speciation. The professional DNA of these leaders is unique. It’s not about profit, promotion or political gain. It’s about the need, and selfless service to […]

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Want a Great Team? Stop Doing Stupid Things!

Great team

Sometimes managers do stupid things and then they wonder why their teams aren’t a…team.  For example, a manager attended an orientation meeting for some of his new employees.  He gave a short five minute speech and ended with, “I have an open door policy.” Later that week I observed him yelling at an employee by saying, “Don’t you see I am busy here?!  Never interrupt me again!”  Here are some of the most obvious errors that turn employees off and cause them to start looking for another job.

1. Berate people in front of others

Nobody wants to be embarrassed or deserves to being treated disrespectfully. “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers,” said Stephen Covey

2. Flap your mouth and don’t listen

Managers hold lots of meetings. Our research shows that in two out of three meetings they hold, they do most of the talking and very little listening. One study of 400 […]

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Customer Moments of Truth: Misery or Magnificence?


moment of truth is anything you do that affects the customer’s perception of you or your company. Sometimes the most costly business mistakes can happen in only a few seconds upon making a customer contact. How you handle these moments of truth will often determine your success in helping a customer. Here are five moments of misery phrases that create dissatisfaction for customers and how to make them positive, if not magnificent moments.

WCW, GenuineCustomerServiceMisery Phrase #1: I don’t know.

There is no need to ever utter these words. If you don’t know, find out. Usually there isn’t a thing you can’t find out, outside of sensitive and financial information.

Instead, create a positive moment by saying, “That’s a good question. Let me check and find out for YOU.”

Misery Phrase #2: We can’t do that.

This one guarantees your customers will be upset and dissatisfied. You are supposed to help. After all, they are paying the bill.

Instead, respond by replying, “Boy, that’s […]

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How to Really Succeed as a Leader

WCW, ReallySucceedAsALeader

How do you get someone to follow you?  A leader takes people to where they want to go. A great leader takes people to where they ought to be. That’s the essence of superstar leaders’ presence and the characteristics they possess. Successful leaders have found that it isn’t position power that matters most in the employee/supervisory relationship. Personal power is the real key.

Leadership through position power involves these strategies:

  • Dictatorial approach
  • Employees are subordinate
  • “Do as I say!”
  • Fear strategies
  • The leader has all the answers

Leadership through personal power includes these strategies:

  • Engagement approach
  • Employees are partners
  • “Do as I do also!”
  • Influencing strategies
  • The team has the answers, too

WCW, TalkstheWalkThis is an exciting time to be a leader. Never before has there been any statistical evidence linked to leadership effectiveness. True leadership effectiveness has more to do with who you are and less to do with your job title.

What are the characteristics of a Successful Leader?

Research by management gurus Kouzes and Posner, found four crucial leadership […]

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The Secret Sauce to Employee Engagement

Few companies or leaders have or know the “secret sauce” to employee engagement. This is a business disaster. This employee engagement training video will highlight these facts.(In just eight minutes out of your day!)  I will share  the “secret sauce” of employee engagement.  It all begins with leadership. Managers, supervisors, team leaders and even executives have to change. If leaders transform how they view and relate to employees, they will tap an incredible potential. I also highlight in this added employee engagement video four leadership strategies that ladle on the ‘secret sauce’.

Coke has a secret formula. McDonald’s has a special sauce. Kentucky Friend Chicken has eleven key herbs and spices. There is a lack of a secret sauce with employees in many companies. Research shows 87% of employees are disengaged in organizations worldwide.  A lack of engagement produces poorer productivity, morale and overall business results. This costs companies billions of dollars in lost sales and profits. Countless managers fail as a result. Even more important, millions of employees are distressed and unhappy at work. Why? Because of being treated poorly by their supervisor […]

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How to Get a Job Promotion this Year-Faster!

In this career training video learn six keys to getting a job promotion-faster. So, how do you get ahead in your job? Is it who you know and office politics? Granted there is some of that in companies. More often than not, it’s about your performance. The bottom- line is that you have to change your mindset. You may need to change some habits. You MUST focus on continuous personal improvement. While it takes work, it pays off in terms of career advancement and a potentially greater income. This means more success for you and security for your family.

What are the steps to improving your performance? Rick will review the six keys to improving your performance and significantly separating you from the pack. He give you select important pointers in each area so that next job promotion will be yours.

Rick has taught these steps to hundreds of others to help people fast track their careers. These are proven steps that Rick applied in his career to gain six job promotions within the three corporations. He […]

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The New Science of Goal Setting and Achieving

WCW, NewScienceofGoalsetting3

Neuroscientists say the human brain has 100 billion neurons. 20,000 or so carry Dopamine. It is a neurotransmitter that makes us human and has been called the “motivation molecule.” This is crucial to understanding goal setting and achieving. Dopamine controls our brains communication and keeps us motivated. Dopamine activation provides us drive, focus, and concentration. It also provides pleasurable feelings, accomplishment, planning and the joys of life. It is one of the keys to our goal success.

Discoveries in goal setting science validate how to avoid the pitfalls and possible detrimental effects of goal setting. Likewise, how to tap the new science of goal achieving.

The Hazards of Goal Setting

WCW, goalsL.A. King and C.M.Burton state in their paper, The Hazards of Goal Pursuit for the American Psychological Association, that there are difficulties with goal setting.  If people are not ready, lack training, are non-committal, goals conflict or if the goals are too big. So, goal setting often has a negative impact on people’s emotions and performance.

WCW […]

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How to Set and Achieve Your Goals Every Year!

WCW, Goals7Do you want to advance your career? Do you want to make more money to better help your family? Do you desire more personal success? Then you need clear goals, and follow-through on these five goal setting action steps today.

These five goal achieving steps will help you do a better job, serve your customers better and, you will help your company reach and exceed its goals. More importantly, you will take giant steps towards the things you want in life.

Most managers already set quotas for their department. Quotas relate to the company budget. Companies need to do this for business planning purposes. However, you have to do it for yourself, too. The best performers in any industry are meticulous about how much money they want to make, what they will do with the money, and where they are in at any moment in respect to those things. Goal setting helps you become a meaningful specific and not a wandering generality. Your personal and professional goals give […]

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