3 Powerful Positive Attitudes

Do you have too many troubles or problems? Are you disappointed or frustrated about your current situation? Do you feel you can achieve more in life? Where is your success? In this motivational video clip Rick will share 3 powerful  positive attitudes to help unleash your potential.

The attitude you choose, becomes the action you take. Positive thinking isn’t your ticket, Choosing winning thoughts and acting on them is the secret. Now, it takes work and persistence, but the good news you can overcome your obstacles and problems. You are made in the image of greatness. Visualize it, verbalize it and vitalize it. Watch this positive attitude and success motivation video to get started today.

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If you are a manager, know that Doug and Rick, co-founders at WCW Partners, have coached or trained over 250,000 managers worldwide, […]

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3 Steps to Achieve More Success-Today!


How do you achieve more success today? What’s the hidden answer? Do it now! Take action and make a decision today. There is no self-improvement, only increasing in the ability to be all that you already are.

Success is a state of being not a journey or a destination. You don’t need all the answers now, you do need a goal that you believe in with your heart and soul. Success involves your attitudes, feelings, values, and beliefs. It is not a cookie-cutter, once-in-a-lifetime idea. It’s personal, unique and individual. Just ask 100 people to define success, and you will get many different answers. However you define it, you have to act. Now, apply these three mountain moving ideas to help you make progress today and achieve more tomorrow.

  • State of being
  • Support
  • System

WCW, Success is a sate of being


Suzy stood in front of her kindergarten class for show-and-tell and declared, “Today, I’m not here to talk about a […]

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5 Superstar Coaching Steps

Few managers coach well. Of course, you know that being an employee, you have experienced the lack of coaching. In this leadership training video Rick will review keys to becoming a superstar coach. This is a big promise, but it’s doable in this training for business coaching.

Managers fail at coaching because either they don’t know how to do it or they don’t care. Managers that don’t care about their employees are bad bosses and should do something else.  Managers that care need to learn to coach effectively. Coaching is for all employees and will raise the performance of all. The biggest objection that managers have is-“I don’t have time to coach.” If that is the case the person doesn’t have time to be a manager either. All Olympic athletes have coaches, and they are the elite in their sport. Why won’t we want to coach our employees, let alone get a personal coach? Coaching improves performance: productivity, service, quality, innovation and sales.

In this leadership coaching video clip you will learn:
+5 Approaches of Coaching in the […]

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It Seems Like Yesterday, 10 Years From Now


Ten years ago I thought ahead about this day. I didn’t know it would get here so fast. There is an adage that says, “The days are long, but the years are short.”

I recall a few business trips to Montreal last year and the airline delays that took forever. I also think of some of those dull, boring meetings that I attended which dragged on for eternity. On the other hand, there was this family vacation that went by so quickly. And, I think of my youngest daughter who it seems like only yesterday was playing soccer in grade school. Now she is in college. How time flies! Can you relate to this?

Why does time do that?

Some psychology says routine makes time slip past without notice because each day is similar. Brain research talks about telescoping. It is a process in the brain that relates to past events as if they are much more current than they are. For example, you have […]

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6 Turnaround Tactics for a Failing Team

terrible team pictures

Team failures, which sit at about 60%, demoralize employees, reduce productivity, cost companies billions of dollars, and inhibit innovation. If you are the leader, besides the personal frustrations and disappointment a failing team causes, it is also a potential career buster.

Here are other roadblocks to get out in the open. Team failure is exacerbated by three inter-related reasons:

  • Only 13%of employees are engaged, based on employee engagement studies. In other words, they don’t like what’s happening at work and aren’t really ‘plugged in’ or giving it their best.
  • Over 50%of managers fail according to leadership derailment studies. Besides a lack of people skills, a key reason for the failure is the inability to lead teams.
  • Only 21%of employees have attended a company sponsored training program in the last five years. Companies don’t prepare employees to work well as a team.

The stakes are big, whether you move the needle or you don’t. When you achieve a breakthrough with a difficult team you become invaluable to your company. You become […]

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Good Leaders Don’t Mess with Generational Differences

Generational Differences

The best leaders don’t care that much for generational differences. I have found that factors such as age, or sex, or background, or religion are relatively oblivious to them. While at the same time they take a keen and sensitive approach to each employee’s potential, needs and aspirations.

New research shows that millennial’s  want variety, choice, access and transparency in the workplace. Coincidentally traditionalists, generation Xers and baby boomers want about the same things. Also, research demonstrates that the differences of Generation Y have been exaggerated. Good leaders aren’t that concerned with these matters anyway. Good leaders deal with each person as an individual not as a grouping or category or mindset. For example, just because a person is older doesn’t mean he wants to retire or can’t be creative. Likewise, just because someone is younger and inexperienced doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of supervising others or making quality decisions. Good leaders give everyone an opportunity to contribute fully and to do what they do well and to […]

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10 Keys to Employee Engagement

Only 13% of employees are engaged worldwide according to studies. This is a disaster. The result creates lower sales, productivity, customer service and morale. This costs companies billions of lost revenue and profit. Managers careers are cut short as a result. It doesn’t have to happen to you.

This leadership training video shows you how to change all of that. You will learn 10 proven and practical ways to not only engage employees but to inspire them. For example, at a recent meeting with 25 managers I found that none of them had written plans for their teams. This means little communication about goals or expectations, minimal involvement or buy-in about how to achieve departmental goals and no creativity to accelerate results. In other words, it was “same old, same old” every day. Talk about a boring environment.

Leadership derailment studies show that at least 50% of managers fail primarily because of a lack of planning, the lack of teamwork and poor people skills. Watch this leadership video clip and take notes. Learn to do each of […]

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17 Memorable Quotes About Gratitude


Gratitude means the quality of being thankful, and the readiness to show appreciation for or to return kindness. In our drive for success, many times we neglect what’s most important and who is most important. We focus more on the “what” and forget about the “how”.  As one forward thinking CEO told me recently, “The how matters.”

In business it’s about the numbers, facts, figures, data, metrics, business intelligence, profits and results. People and our relationships become an after thought. I hope these quotes rekindle your gratitude for those close to you at work and home, and for your blessings you enjoy in life.

  1. “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” Oprah Winfrey
  2. “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” W. Clement Stone
  3. “Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.” Seneca
  4. “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, […]
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