How to Survive-Or, Thrive in-Boring Meetings


How many pointless and boring meetings do we have to go to? It’s insufferable and wastes so much time and money. I am tired of managers that do dull or dumb meetings, aren’t you? Dave Barry says, “If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be meetings.”

The reality is dull or dumb meetings exist and will continue to do so. Some say half of the 13 billion meetings held worldwide each year are really bad. These things suck the life out of you. What can you do about this? Here are some quick thoughts:

  • Send some other poor soul.
  • Fake getting sick during a meeting.
  • Lie and say you have another meeting-people will believe that.
  • Try hiding for a few hours.
  • Don’t go to work the day of most of your meetings.

Seriously, as much as these points have potential, the inevitable happens – there will be another meeting. What can you […]

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  • 10 reasons companies fail to improveCE
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    10 Reasons Companies Fail to Improve Their Customers’ Experience

10 Reasons Companies Fail to Improve Their Customers’ Experience

Every year, a top five priority for most companies is to improve their customers’ experience and loyalty. Unfortunately, most fail. For example, read the American Customer Satisfaction Index results or the Consumer Reports ratings. Considering the potential payoff for improvement, it doesn’t make sense as you review this research.

  • According to Harvard Business Review’s Employ­ee-Customer-Profit Chain, a 1.3% improvement in customer satisfaction scores results in a revenue increase of .5%.
  • The Profit Impact of Market Strategy’s database found that companies who lead in service have 12 times the profit­ability and 9% greater growth than poor service providers.
  • Bain & Co. found that a 12-point increase in the net-promoter score doubles a company’s growth rate.
  • A report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index proved that the leading companies consistently outperformed the market. Customer service leaders outper­formed the Dow by 93%, the Fortune 500 by 20% and the NASDAQ by 335%.

Why do so many companies fail to take advantage of the obvious bottom-line impact for improving service? Here are ten reasons companies fail.

  1. Ignorance is Bliss- Recently, a company executive proudly […]
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7 Fatal Errors Sales Managers Make and How to Avoid Them

Research shows that at least 50% of managers fail in any profession. In sales, it’s higher than that. Why? The risks and rewards are higher. Have you heard the saying, “Sales is the lowest paid easy work and the highest paid hard work.” For sales management it is true as well.

Why do sales managers, and sales executives fail? What do we mean by fail? The easy answer is that sales decline or don’t exceed the established objectives. Did you know that your sales results may be reaching your objectives and you could be failing? Here is an examples. A sales manager I knew came up to me and told me he had “lit a fire” under is team. I replied, “How did you do it?” He said that in a meeting he told them if they didn’t sell X amount by the end of the month they were fired. Now, that’s an all-time great motivational speech, isn’t it? Just kidding. Guess who was fired? He was.

In another example, a sales manager had a […]

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Why Every Employee Should Become an Entrepreneur

I have come across tons of people who are tired of the way companies and their bosses have treated them. I say “Don’t put up with it!” It is time all employees-YOU- become entrepreneurs. The people I have talked are concerned about their career potential and are fed up with:

  • Being overlooked for a deserved promotion
  • Constant unending, seemingly mindless change
  • Little recognition
  • Personal abuse
  • Minimal pay increases
  • No bonus
  • Benefit cuts
  • Layoffs

Author Judith McQuown encourages everyone to Inc.Yourself, in her best selling book. Whether or not you start your own business, you are in business for yourself. All employees need to think that way, and have a sense of urgency about it. For example, while companies have been sitting on record cash, millions of the jobs lost in the great recession are gone forever. Too many companies treat employees poorly, and say one thing and do another. (See my earlier post, ’7 Fairy Tales Companies Tell Employees’.) Today, your only security is YOUR competence, creativity, courage, and commitment. Jeremy Rifkin, author and advisor to world leaders […]

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The Secret Sauce to a Superior Customer Experience


One part of my business is that I have to travel a lot. I see the best and worst of what companies actually do to their customers. The poor experiences seem to overwhelm the best. Have you noticed?

Just recently I was going from Minneapolis to NYC. The jet was late, the attendants crabby and when I got to my hotel, the clerk was annoyed that I was late and acted more tired than I was. Chalk one up for mediocre service. Maybe you take the corporate jet and this isn’t a concern. But I am sure that you buy “stuff” with your money at a variety of places, and it doesn’t take long to experience service breakdowns, does it?

Quickly we all experience:

  • discourteous employees
  • unresponsiveness zombie-like employees
  • customer service reps that can’t make a decision
  • excessive delays on the phone
  • unknowledgeable employees
  • lack of complaint resolution
  • dinosaur service policies that don’t help
  • confusing service options
  • false promises

The list could go on, but let’s not get depressed. Sometimes I wonder what these organizations are thinking. Did they […]

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Customer service passed away quietly last night. It succumbed to a long illness. The wake is at the next quarterly meeting, and the funeral will follow shortly. Each year companies worldwide struggle for sales growth and profit, yet a conservative estimate of their loss from poor customer service comes in at a staggering $338.5 B a year.

Customer service has been ailing for some time now. Excellent customer service is seriously lacking in most places we spend our money. Think about it – can you recall a recent experience where the customer service was really bad? Sure you can. Think of other places you have spent your hard earned paycheck: grocery store, bank, restaurant, a fast food chain, a department store, a gas station, a hotel, an airline, an online merchant and the list could go on. How many of these had poor to average service? Probably most of them. How many really stood out and had outstanding service? Very likely, it was only a few. Here are four reasons customer service silently […]

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The Greatest Leadership Myth Ever-Busted!


The greatest leadership myth is not just about the American culture. It’s a phenomenon that has infiltrated leadership thought globally. We see the negative side effects of it most prevalently in the media. Almost every day another leader bites the dust because of an indiscretion and receives infamous publicity. Why? What’s the underlying cause for most of these failures? Here are a few examples that give clues. You undoubtedly can add some of your own:

  • A CEO who cut employee benefits because the company’s insurance costs rose when two employees had babies born with complications that cost a million dollars each for care. He has an estimated net worth of $80M.
  • A CEO who doesn’t want fracking near his home, but his company supports it worldwide.
  • The CEO who has his name on everything he owns, and if you look at his website employees are nowhere to be found.
  • A CEO who spent $200M on his home and had a lake created to get to it.
  • The CEO who said, “I […]
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4 Leadership Pillars for Excellent Execution

In this leadership training video learn how to execute strategy effectively. “Execution is the great unaddressed issue in the business world today. Its absence is the single biggest obstacle to success and the cause of most of the disappointments that are mistakenly attributed to other causes.” This is declared by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan authors of the book, Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done.

To compete effectively today companies and managers need to continually look for ways to improve performance. The customers’ are demanding and competition relentless. However, a few statistics demonstrate how poorly leaders execute their grand plans.

  • John Kotter, the change master, says 75% of change initiatives fail.
  • A scant 10% of CEOs believe their companies can execute on their plans. Yet, 82% of CEOs say change is important to their companies.
  • Only 27% of new strategy considers the workloads of managers or employees.
  • 95% of managers lack clarity in their company’s expectations and goals.

How do you dramatically alter these results? Most companies and leaders discount the importance of how they engage employees with change […]

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