How to Motivate People-Guaranteed!

If you’re trying to improve your employees’ motivation by throwing money at the issue, you could be making a costly mistake. What really motivates employees? It’s the #1 question I hear from managers. Frederick Herzberg answered that question with his research. He found six top drivers for personal motivation. Notice money isn’t on the list.

  • Recognition
  • The work itself
  • Responsibility
  • Advancement
  • Growth
  • Learning

A total quality survey found five job satisfiers that increases performance: interesting and challenging work, appreciation for work done, feeling of being “in” on things, job security and good pay. Renwick and Lawler’s research found money was number 12 in a list of 18 items that contributed to work effectiveness. Their research showed that employees want to feel good about themselves, accomplish something worthwhile, do their best, and learn new skills.

In above studies, which were conducted among managers and employees, the managers often thought money was the best motivation for employees. This misperception points out a problem in management practices today: It’s not that employees aren’t willing to excel or go the extra mile; it’s […]

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The 5 Laws of GoalPower: Achieve the Success You Dream About

To be all you can be you must dream of being more. Once you do GoalPower begins to work for you. This personal development training video will teach the 5 Laws of GoalPower and how to activate them in your life.

This goalsetting video will teach The 5 Laws of GoalPower. What do you want out of life:

  • Success?
  • Happiness?
  • Peace of Mind?
  • Career Advancement?
  • A Great Family?
  • Financial Independence?
  • Friends?
  • Travel?
  • Health?

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Think big, Believe Big. Act big. Through GoalPower you have the opportunity to create the success you have only dreamed about.

For an article copy of this training video, go here for a complimentary download.

Or, do you want a step by step program to accelerate your success in your career and life. If so, check out our GoalPower book:

If you are a manager, know that Doug and Rick, co-founders at WCW Partners, have coached or trained over 250,000 managers worldwide, representing over 3 million employees.

Do you want to learn more about employee motivation and engagement? If so, I suggest you check […]

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Why Change Management Must Change

All companies go through change processes regularly today. In our explosive world it has to be done. Yet the change master, Kotter, says, 70% of change initiatives fail. Here are three quick examples:

  • We talked to one company that had over one hundred new initiatives in place. They were proud about it, but were upset with their field leadership for executing them poorly.
  • We sat in on a regional meeting with an executive who excitedly shared more than six flipcharts worth of change activities. As the she moved from one flipchart to the next, we could see all the managers slinking in their chairs with a look of dread.
  • We witnessed a horror story in a company as the “burning platform” was presented as a way to save a sinking ship, and all of the employees were filled with terror about losing their jobs.

Admittedly, changes often bring some level of progress but usually not up to the expectations expressed in initial rollout. Most change processes are poor which leads to poor execution of the […]

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How to GET Feedback When You Are the Leader


When you’re the manager, it can be down-right difficult to get candid critiques or compliments that aren’t coated with ulterior motives or filtered by fear. Your team doesn’t want to tell you something that might put them on your “bad side”, so they choose to tell you that which is more likely to land them on your “good side”.

Getting honest-to-goodness feedback from reports isn’t as easy as one might think. Yet, here’s the thing: it’s pivotal to a leader’s success and development. Not only that, it’s necessary for a team’s success and development. The better the manager becomes, the better the team becomes. Exceptional leaders live this out; they know that it’s their job to persistently and carefully request feedback.

Hearing the feedback

Most leaders wait to see if feedback comes their way; not only that, but typically, they hope it doesn’t. If it does, it forces them to take action or be accountable – in ways that they never really wanted. Controlling leaders don’t want it […]

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The Top 10 Reasons Employees Hate Their Boss

Do you want to succeed as a leader? Do you want to advance your management career? To you need or want to motivate your team to achieve better results? In this brief leadership video clip Rick will share:
+10 Reasons Employees Hate Their Boss
+7 Types of Bad Bosses
Use this overview of the mistakes that leaders make to improve your results. Be determined to be a student of the game and win in your job. It’s doable. It will take work. Check out our Superstar Leadership Blog and WCW publishing site for other resources you can use to accelerate your career. Remember these words, “if you want your team to be better, you have to be a better leader.”

Doug and Rick co-founders at WCW Partners have coached or trained over 300,000 managers worldwide. Those who excel are open minded, care about people, and they constantly work on their leadership development to improve results. They also provide many educational and training opportunities for their team. It’s been said, that only competitive advantage is how much smarter you […]

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The Top Ten Things Employee Want From Their Leader

Leadership is a high-contact sport and hard work if you want your team to excel. However, management derailment studies predict a high failure rate for managers. Research also shows most employees aren’t buying into their leaders or companies, and are disengaged from their work. You don’t have to succumb to these negative results. If you pay attention to these ten things employees want in a job, you will have a real opportunity to create a team of inspired and highly engaged employees. That’s good news for your employees and for your career.

Clear Expectations and Goals

Give your employees a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities and objectives. Do this one on one and with the team. Always remember, this isn’t a one-time event. Do it periodically through the year: monthly to quarterly. Conducting performance reviews only once a year doesn’t cut it today. Most performance problems come from a lack of clear expectations or goals and a lack of recognition.

Recognition and Praise

The better people feel about what they do, the more they want to do […]

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The Top 10 Meeting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever been in a meeting that seemed like a slow death? Who hasn’t? Don’t be the manager of that kind of meeting. You do have a choice. According to research, over half of all meetings are a waste of time. Why? Many managers don’t know how to conduct an effective meeting. They make the same miserable mistakes day in and day out and never take the time to learn how to conduct them better.

A Microsoft study found people spend an average of 5.6 hours a week in meetings-double or triple this for managers- and 69% felt the time is unproductive. Worldwide 13 billion meetings happen every year, and they waste billions of dollars in time and productivity yearly-Wow!

Managers need to be mindful of this. Effective managers learn to communicate powerfully, positively and purposefully in any meeting they lead. By doing so, they will propel their teams to new heights in performance achievement. If YOU hold better meetings you will:

  • Gain higher morale from your team
  • Receive invaluable input […]
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How to Survive Or, Thrive in Boring Meetings

How many pointless and boring meetings do we have to go to? It’s insufferable and wastes so much time and money. I am tired of managers that do dull or dumb meetings, aren’t you? Dave Barry says, “If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be meetings.”

The reality is dull or dumb meetings exist and will continue to do so. Some say half of the 13 billion meetings held worldwide each year are really bad. These things suck the life out of you. What can you do about this? Here are some quick thoughts:

  • Send some other poor soul.
  • Fake getting sick during a meeting.
  • Lie and say you have another meeting-people will believe that.
  • Try hiding for a few hours.
  • Don’t go to work the day of most of your meetings.

Seriously, as much as these points have potential, the inevitable happens – there will be another meeting. What can you really do? Sit idly by and become part of […]

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