Be a “Student of the Game” of Leadership

Don’t be like other managers, supervisors, coaches, trainers and leaders. 50-67% fail every day. Be different! Be effective! Do it for yourself, your family and your team. Check out these resources to ramp up your success this year! Become a “student of the game” of leadership. We believe you can achieve incredible goals with the right game plan and approach!

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5 Steps to Sales Greatness: How to become a sales superstar

In this sales motivation and training video, Rick shares the “5 Steps to Sales Greatness.”  While all excellent salespeople are unique, they share common sales skills and approaches. Rick will explore five essential and powerful sales techniques with you. Learn them well and you can become a sales superstar.

All salespeople want to win and do well. A few want it more than others. Yet, many shoot themselves in the foot by how they conduct their careers. Sales has been called the lowest paid easy work and the highest paid hard work. If you want to be better, if not one of the best, you have to model what the best do.

For example, all superstar salespeople have the sales motivation to succeed. They keep learning and studying their craft.  They also want to bring great value to their customers and do business with the utmost integrity and caring. In addition, they are students of game in terms of what their customers need or want.

WCW, TheMoreYouLearntheMoreYouEarn

The difference between […]

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Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

WCW, AreYouAGoodBossorBadBoss

Think of the worst supervisor or boss you ever had. Chances are someone comes immediately to mind. Why do you consider this person “the worst?” How did he or she act? How did this bad boss’s approach affect your attitude and work effort? Did this person influence you to do your best?

Now, think of a situation where you had the best boss ever. (It’s harder to identify a boss who shines, isn’t it?) What was this person like, and what did he or she do differently? How did this person affect you and your work effort?

Did you want to do a better job for the best boss versus worst boss? Of course! Regrettably, it’s far more likely that the majority of our work life has been spent reporting to bad bosses. Bad bosses continue to dominate the landscape of corporate America today. Despite the research on effective leadership and companies’ profit and loss statements, bad bosses are an epidemic killing off employee productivity and creativity […]

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Leadership & Management – A Duet for Success


Great duets produce superior results. You’ve probably wondered at some point in your career…what’s the difference between leading and managing? Some managers lead…other leaders manage. If you label yourself one, does that mean you can’t do the other? Do they really differ? These are all questions that make sense, ought to be asked and at the end of the day, matter if you’re a manager.

Which is more important in an organization, leadership, or management?  Peter Drucker suggested that, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”  While consultants and writers have discussed this issue at length, there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer. Leadership and management do not encompass the same skills—what is the difference and is it important? The best way to describe the difference is that managers get people to do things and leaders get people to want to do things.

If we bucket these two things together, […]

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10 Phrases BAD Managers ALWAYS Say-OFTEN

WCW, problems

Bad managers are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, they lurk in the halls of organizations every where, and stifle employee engagement and effectiveness. Here are ten phrases that they say regularly. (Often sprinkled with their vulgar language) You will always know a bad manager when you hear one, and I’m confident that you have heard a few. Do these sound familiar?

1. “Do what I tell you to to do.”

On a recent business trip a client manager confided in me that he was “stuck”.  His customer experience numbers were okay but he wasn’t a company leader. After observing him in action and reviewing his plans, the answer was obvious to his management team and me. This manager came up with the plans and told people what to do and how to do it. There was little engagement, or appreciation for the effort. The team was disillusioned and results suffered.

2. “We have never done it that way.”
How many times have you heard this? Heaven […]

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6 Turnaround Tactics for a Failing Team

Research shows 60% of teams fail. This costs companies billions of dollars in lost profits. Teams fail because managers don’t know to build plans or orchestrate how people can best work together. In this team-building and leadership video Rick will show you how to turnaround a failing team.

Managers who know how to rapidly and effectively create high performance teamwork are golden to their organizations. They will get better assignments and promotion opportunities.

Leaders have to consider two broad areas in creating high performance teamwork: content and process. The content involves the goals of the team. The process involves the interpersonal working relationships of the team. This leadership video clip will give you six keys to helping a team-any team-win!

WCW, Superstar-leaders-care-about-their-team

By the way, do you want to elevate your coaching effectiveness and success? If so, check out this complimentary article: Coaching for Excellence.

Also, do you want more ideas on how to inspire your team? Check this out: How to Motivate-NO INSPIRE-Employees: 10 Keys to Employee Engagement.

Or, […]

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12 Difficulties that Define a Manager’s Destiny

WCW, TrueTest

Management problems are like a tsunami that never ends. Everyday I hear about it from managers at all levels. Successful managers learn to absorb the issues as nourishment, to build a high performance team. Others become swamped, panicked, and succumb to a never ending nightmare. Believe it or not, a manager’s destiny is a choice. Here are twelve of the most persistent problems managers face and a few ideas on what to do.

Getting everything done

With budget cutbacks, Sue now manages one hundred people in her nursing department at a hospital in a major city. Her anxiety grows from the avalanche of multiple issues and responsibilities. With no help coming in the near future, her solution in a difficult situation has been to empower the team to make decisions and focus on the highest priority problems. Her dilemma showcases the troubles of many managers. They are overwhelmed with things to do and not enough time or people to get it all done effectively.

Reaching Team Goals

Managers are paid to move the […]

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21 Traits to Lead by Example: Rate Yourself

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Early in my career, I had the privilege to work for a couple of companies that believed in lifelong learning and training. I attended over 100 leadership seminars and conferences. Many of these programs talked about “leading by example.”  I asked myself, “What do they really mean by that?” While each course provided an overload of helpful leadership strategies, none of the trainers or facilitators really ever specifically said, “Here’s what it means in detail…”  So I made it a quest to learn and define it.

Over time, I noticed that managers often had a glazed look in their eyes when I would say to “lead by example.” The phrase had become a platitude, like “communicate better.”  I added discussions in leadership meetings and coaching sessions, to hear from others and find out what they thought it meant. Eventually I made a list of traits I had learned from those experiences. Below are those traits. Why not use this list to check […]

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