What’s the difference between a good manager and a poor one? This leadership training video will answer that question by sharing ten success secrets of great managers.

In my research over the last decade, these secrets became apparent. My study involved clients and the latest industry data. Guess what?  Any supervisor, team leader, manager or executive can learn them with a commitment to excellence. But, it requires some changes. I have learned that, if you want your team to be better, you have to be a better leader.

My business partner Doug and I, published these secrets in out book, Superstar Leadership. We created the Superstar Leadership Model as a way to remember and apply the principles.

SSL Visual Model2

10 Success Secrets of Great Managers

  • Clear goals and expectations
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Training
  • Recognition
  • Coaching
  • Leadership flexibility
  • Continuous improvement
  • Hire the best people
  • Promotions and incentives
  • Lead with integrity

WCW, IntegrityLeadershipCharacteristicIntegrity ties all of these together. Without it, managers can’t build trust. Without trust the team won’t excel. With it, the possibilities for breakthrough performance is incredible.

Most managers do some of these strategies some of the time. (We have to remember, over 50% are failing) Great managers do these in concert with one another consistently over time. Managers that sustain their efforts, achieve the superior outcomes.

If you are a manager, take advantage of the principles in this how to leadership video. Also, go to the Superstar Leadership Blog for reinforcement material. (Read our book, and take one of our coaching programs.) Or, study other leadership material, just keep learning. John F. Kennedy said, “Learning and leadership are indispensable to one another.” Within three months to a year, you will be glad you did. You will accelerate your results. Your team will be delighted. You will find more enjoyment and satisfaction in your career. This sounds like a recipe for success, doesn’t it?

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