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Rick Conlow is the CEO/Co-Founder of WCW Partners, a global management consulting and training firm. Rick has helped organizations increase sales 218%, improve repeat-and-referral business by 20%, increase customer retention to 99%, reduce complaints by 60% and achieve 34 quality awards.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Employees

Want to advance in your career? Want to accelerate your results? Rick will share the 7 habits from high effective employees that will help you enjoy more career success. If you want a better job and to make more money, watch this career development training video.  Through his consulting and training services Rick has had a positive impact on over 300,000 managers and 4 million employees. These career tips are invaluable.

Get into action to WIN Today!

My Quest, ThinkBigger2Too many people take short cuts, and do just enough to get by. When they aren’t progressing or doing well financially they blame others. They make excuses and say it isn’t their fault. They don’t take responsibility for their results. Others find a better path. They know that their choices are all-powerful.
In his career, Rick, used these seven habits to start at the bottom and eventually become an executive, business owner and executive. He had numerous promotions and of course his income climbed. This career training video clip will show you the […]

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Leading Admirably, Leading Authentically

WCW, AuthenticLeadership

A leadership trait I tend to admire and encourage is authenticity because it seems to be so rare. Most often, it feels easier to hide behind whatever cover we’ve created, although it’s comfortable, it’s not really all that rewarding. If you’re wondering whether or not you agree… ask yourself: Do I value others more for how honest they are or how they appear?

Let me clarify. When I speak of honesty, I’m not suggesting leaders run around like crazy in chaos – no, no, no. That would be a lack of emotional intelligence, which you will never find me recommending. My definition and use of honesty includes these capabilities:

  • A level of directness that’s candid and comfortable.
  • A professional degree of disclosure about things that matter.
  • Feedback that’s meaningful, actionable and thoughtful.
  • The ability to express one’s thoughts, without losing control or being fake.
  • A willingness to discuss uncomfortable topics that are business critical.
  • An altruistic view of others, not a self-focused approach.


WCW, AuthenticLeadersPriority

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The 15 Character Traits of a Successful Leader

WCW, YouWinifYourTeamWins

What does it take to be a successful leader? We know that success leaves clues. Any manager can do it, all of the information needed is available today. Failing as a leader is an excuse for not investing in the effort to learn to build a better team. The team must also learn how to work with an excellent leader as well. It’s different as you will see in the character traits.

WCW, LearnMoreTodayThe fastest way to become a good leader is to talk to, read about, and to be coached or trained by successful leaders. The next step is to “model” what good leaders do while you continue to learn to apply their behaviors, attitudes and strategies.

It takes commitment and diligence to reach a higher standard, but it is doable over time. It’s not something that can happen over a weekend. Practice, trial and error, and repetition are the mother of learning. You have to ask yourself if […]

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Get a Coach to Achieve a Personal Breakthrough this Year

WCW, OneExcellentCoach

An excellent coach will help you:

  • Clarify your real goals
  • Identify a plan that will work
  • Follow-through on your “good” intentions
  • Give you honest and helpful feedback that will inspire you
  • Raise your game to another level
  • Believe in you even when you don’t
  • Push you to achieve only what you dreamed about in the past

Do you need a coach, take this quick assessment:

  1. Are you getting pressure to achieve better results from your boss?
  2. Do you desire a promotion and a higher income?
  3. Do you know your team can do better but they are under-achieving?
  4. Do you need to improve your leadership skills based on others feedback?
  5. Do you want to recapture your excitement for your career and ramp it up?
  6. Do you know you can be a better leader but you just aren’t getting the help you need?
  7. Are you committed to being more effective and want to improve your confidence and competence?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, coaching can help you get where you NEED or WANT to go-FASTER? WHY NOT […]

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6 Action Steps that will Crystallize Your Positive Thinking

Action #1-Acknowledge how you are feeling.

What do you notice about who is the focus in action step one? It’s you, isn’t it? To begin, look inward. Think about how you are feeling and what you want. Be self-centered for a minute. How are you feeling? Frustrated? Tired? Overwhelmed? Excited? Optimistic? Feelings aren’t necessarily good or bad they are just reality.

Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.” It’s human nature to do this sometimes. It’s also honest to acknowledge that you are doing it. Quite frankly superstars have more integrity than others. Why? They set big goals and they think about how they can get there. They become introspective to analyze their behavior and attitude. This mental time becomes their launching pad to do what they have to do to win even if they don’t feel like it at the moment. They learn to remind themselves of their goals, personal commitment and the payoff for acting with better intentions now. […]

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Achieving a Winning Attitude

My Quest, Win


It takes a winning attitude to achieve a winning performance. Are you up to the task?

The parable of the contented frog illustrates the obstacles we face in winning. If you boil a pot of water and drop a frog in it, guess what happens? The frog quickly jumps out. However, if you put a frog in a pot of cool water and then slowly heat the pot up, guess what happens? The frog boils to death!

How often do people become contended where they are at or with what they are doing? To win we must be willing to change. To win we must be willing to look bad by trying new approaches or ideas to look even better.

3 Ways to Achieve a Winning Attitude

My Quest, WinningIsAnAttitudeDo you want more success in your job or life? More recognition? More personal satisfaction? If you do, read on. Get more motivated to be all you can be with a winning attitude. […]

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7 Telltale Signs of Legendary Customer Service


Today, few companies create a legendary or memorable customer service experience. Most provide milquetoast service, and only go through the motions to improve. The giant, waving inflatables on the roof!  Free coffee!  Free balloons for the kids that they’ll pretend to like while you’re there!  Smiles!  Handshakes!   Emptiness.

Silly or fancy marketing campaigns to manipulate their customers buying habits doesn’t impress, differentiate or add value to the customer.  It’s so average that customers don’t even notice it. It’s almost as if customers are blindfolded while buying and can’t easily describe what happened in their purchase experience. They are left with no strong positive emotions. When things go wrong it’s the opposite. These types of experience produce strong negative emotions:

  • rude or discourteous or unknowledgeable employees
  • product that is of noticeably poor quality
  • experience delays in service
  • fixing product quality problems
  • pricing issues

Customers will remember and share their bad experience or complain to as many people as they can. Upset customers commonly let their emotions run wild with negative […]

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10 Positive, Proactive and Powerful Performance Management Strategies

WCW, EveryEmployeeHasPotential
Pete is the general manager of a west coast plant for a national company. He has had trouble meeting his revenue and profit numbers for the last year. His District Manager has asked him for a meeting to discuss action plans for performance improvement. Pete’s company is in a highly competitive market and margins are slim. He has been a general manager for several years, and reached company goals, but he never has achieved stellar results. This year has been particularly difficult. A bigger national competitor has purchased smaller local companies, lowered prices and he’s losing accounts. He has lost some employees due to turnover and has fired some of his managers for lack of results. Most of his salespeople are new and new sales have been slow in coming.

WCW, TrueTestPete’s been working long hours and the stress is getting to him. He has wracked his brain with how to improve results quickly. He has already:

  • Threatened his management […]
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