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5 Customer Service Phrases to Avoid: Turning Moments of Misery Into Positive Moments of Truth for Customers

A moment of truth is anything you do that affects the customer’s perception of you or your company. Sometimes the most costly business mistakes can happen in only a few seconds upon making a customer contact. How you handle these moments of truth will often determine your success in helping a customer. Here are five moments of misery phrases that create dissatisfaction for customers, and how to make them positive if not magic moments.

Misery Phrase #1: “I don’t know.”
There is no need to ever utter these words. If you don’t know, find out. Usually there isn’t a thing you can’t find out, outside of sensitive and financial information. Instead, create positive moment by saying, “ That’s a good question. Let me check and find out.”

Misery Phrase #2: “We can’t do that.”
This one guarantees to get your customer’s upset and dissatisfied. You are supposed to help. After all they are paying the bill. Instead respond by replying, “Boy, that’s a tough one. Let’s see what we can do.” Then, find or brainstorm an alternative solution. You […]

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Sales Management Effectiveness: How to Drive Improved Sales Today

All across the world sales teams are leaving money on the table, and they are oblivious to the potential. Do they want to do this? Overtly no! Subconsciously, they do it anyway. Why do they do it? It’s because they get comfortable. They achieve a level of professional success and become too habitual in their sales efforts. While some of their efforts are good, some aren’t so good. It costs them sales, customers and commission. Too many sales managers allow this to happen. In fact, they enable it and seem unable to lead, train, coach or motivate their teams through it. Or, they wait too long to do anything differently or better.

While consulting in New York we noticed our client’s goal posted on the Sales Board. Their sales results over the last ten days were 67% of goal. As we observed the manager he continually acted like everything was on track and so did his sales team. He had no sense of urgency to get better. The sales team was complacent and the sales manager condoned […]

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