Execute Your Strategy Flawlessly: 4 Leadership Principles to Help You Win While Others Fail

Let me ask you a question. If a company has a cost leadership strategy they want to gain the maximum number of customers on price.  Will they do everything they can to win, or not?   Of course!  They will identify tactics throughout the organization to succeed, right?

Why is it that, according to a Fortune survey, 82% of CEOs were concerned about their companies’ ability to execute the company plan?  Why is it that only 27% of the time the workload of employees are considered in making these plans?  Why is it that only 5% of managers can really articulate their company’s strategy?  One company recently bragged it had over 100 initiatives to achieve its customer loyalty strategy. What do you think the odds are that they will make excellent progress?  Kotter says 70-75% of these change efforts don’t work or meet expectations.

This Catch-22 of grand strategies and failed attempts plague businesses and managers everywhere.  There are many reasons for the failures–here are the top ten:

Then of course, disaster strikes when the company has the wrong […]

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Execution Excellence: 4 Strategies for a Breakthrough!

Execution of business strategy determines the winners and losers today in the marketplace. For example, many companies have strategies to improve customer loyalty. Nationally the customer satisfaction rate is 76.3 according to ACSI. This is at best average, and is an indicator that many companies are wasting their efforts. Kotter says 75% of efforts to change fail. The majority of leaders today are skeptical about their managers’ ability to succeed in implementing the company plan. This bears poorly for any manager’s opportunity to climb the corporate ladder. This video will give managers 4 key approaches for brilliant execution of any objective and action plan.

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SuperSTAR Customer Service: 5 Strategies of the Best

Rick shares the five strategies of customer service superstars. You will learn how to:

1. Stay positive-always!
2. Help customers with uncommon friendliness!
3. Delight your customers as you serve them!
4. Go the extra mile and make your customer smile!
5. Solve problems and complaints like a top performer!

For more information on improving Customer Loyalty and to download a complimentary white paper, click here.

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The State of the Art – Improving the Customer Experience

Rick shares how to improve the customers’ experience in your company. You will learn about current results, 10 reasons companies fail to get better, the 5 cultural habits of customer driven companies, the key formula for success in any organization and details about the dramatic impact this can have on the bottom-line.


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The Customer Experience: A Daily Guide for Managers

Over 80% of executives today believe that improving the customer experience will help their business. Nearly all executives have increasing customer loyalty as a top five priority. Proactive and effective managers will have a game plan on how to help their company improve in these areas, wouldn’t you agree? So where do you start?

Assess the Situation
Every day you need to view your team with two perspectives: short-term and long-term. Short term you need to be involved with and available to them. Your role is unlike a football coach who is involved in the game but is on the sidelines. Business is too fast paced and competitive to be off the field. You are more like the quarterback who calls the plays and is engaged in the actual game. You have to ask yourself, who is hustling today? Who needs to pick up the pace? What can we do better-now? Then you need to act on it. At the same time, you need to think strategically. What are our major obstacles? What do we need to […]

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The Cost of an Unhappy Customer

In a recent Harvard Business Review OnPoint article, “Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers,” there were four statistics shared regarding the ripple effect poor customer service has on your business.

(Harvard Business Review OnPoint article by Matthew Dixon, Karen Freeman and Nicholas Toman)

The moral of the story (in my opinion):

If I were to recommend a quick, one-step solution to this problem – it would be simple: don’t let your unhappy customers leave unhappy.

So what do I mean by this? Well, three things really – all of which will do wonders for the quality of your customer’s experience.

1. Request their feedback immediately. If you wait a few days before sending a customer service survey, you are increasing the lapse of time they have to spread the word about the experience that spoiled their day. So talk to them before they leave the building, before they put down the phone, and before they refuse to participate in a process they’ve decided they have no time to do. The quicker you understand what’s gone wrong, the better your chances […]

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Categorizing Your Customers

On one hand, all customers matter. On the other, not every customer matters to the same degree. For this reason, categorizing your customers may be a smart strategy for your business.

In nearly every area of our personal and professional lives, we know the 80-20 rule often makes sense. It’s a reminder that prioritizing things helps us give precedence to that which matters the most (i.e., where we can receive our biggest return) without sacrificing results. In customer service, this rule still applies. It doesn’t give managers or employees the right or the reason to ignore, mistreat or belittle certain customers – instead the 80-20 rule should remind managers and employees that the bar is raised for the most important customers. Standards should be set for every customer, so that every customer is treated well – but that bar needs to be raised for the best customers, so that your organization goes above and beyond for your best customers.

Customer data is critical if your business hopes to categorize its customers. So first and foremost, if you […]

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What Do Your Customers Expect?

We expect customers to have expectations. Wouldn’t you agree?

When you’re a customer, you have expectations for companies. When you’re a manager, you have expectations for employees. When you’re an employee, you have expectations for leaders.

Expectations are inevitable.

But what isn’t predetermined is what they are, how big (or small) they are, and why they are there. That is what this article is about. We know expectations will exist, but what, how and why they do – is what really matters.

The quality of the customers’ experience is based on what they get from your company compared to what they expected to get from your company. If they got far less, their experience will be worse. If they got far more, their experience will be better. It’s quite simple.

So, if we fail to understand this aspect (customer expectations) of the customers’ experience, we will be striving to close a gap that we have not yet measured.

These three details (what, how and why) can usually be determined through research; however, it’s important to note that a company can rarely […]

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