7 Habits of Highly Effective Employees

Want to advance in your career? Want to accelerate your results? Rick will share the 7 habits from high effective employees that will help you enjoy more career success. If you want a better job and to make more money, watch this career development training video.  Through his consulting and training services Rick has had a positive impact on over 300,000 managers and 4 million employees. These career tips are invaluable.

Get into action to WIN Today!

My Quest, ThinkBigger2Too many people take short cuts, and do just enough to get by. When they aren’t progressing or doing well financially they blame others. They make excuses and say it isn’t their fault. They don’t take responsibility for their results. Others find a better path. They know that their choices are all-powerful.
In his career, Rick, used these seven habits to start at the bottom and eventually become an executive, business owner and executive. He had numerous promotions and of course his income climbed. This career training video clip will show you the […]

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10 Positive, Proactive and Powerful Performance Management Strategies

WCW, EveryEmployeeHasPotential
Pete is the general manager of a west coast plant for a national company. He has had trouble meeting his revenue and profit numbers for the last year. His District Manager has asked him for a meeting to discuss action plans for performance improvement. Pete’s company is in a highly competitive market and margins are slim. He has been a general manager for several years, and reached company goals, but he never has achieved stellar results. This year has been particularly difficult. A bigger national competitor has purchased smaller local companies, lowered prices and he’s losing accounts. He has lost some employees due to turnover and has fired some of his managers for lack of results. Most of his salespeople are new and new sales have been slow in coming.

WCW, TrueTestPete’s been working long hours and the stress is getting to him. He has wracked his brain with how to improve results quickly. He has already:

  • Threatened his management […]
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7 Fairy Tales Companies Tell Employees

7 Fairy Tales

In employee engagement surveys, one of the top areas of complaints is communication. The number one skill most CEOs say helped them get to the top is their ability to communicate.That is quite a gap in perception! Here are seven other common ‘fairy tales’, where companies say one thing and often do another, that are detrimental to your future career success.

Employees are our most valuable assets

Worldwide only 13% of employees are engaged. How can employees be the company’s greatest assets when most do not really like what they are doing or where they are doing it? Most companies treat employees as a small cogs in a large wheel. Enough said.

Customers are our #1 priority

I travel frequently and see the best and worst of how companies actually treat their customers. The poor experiences seem to overwhelm the best. For example, these companies below say they are customer oriented, but an ACSI survey proves they are not. Just like thousands of […]

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How to Motivated the “Unmotivated”

WCW, unmotivated

The first time that we met, John walked into the room with a scowl on his face. His eyes glittered with anger. I wondered, how do you motivate this guy? He sat down as if ready to pounce.  I’ve lived with teenagers so I don’t scare easily.  I shook his hand, made small talk and began to ask a few low key questions. Over a series of meetings we developed a rapport and trust. (Early in my career I did educational coaching and training.)

John told me he was considered a “tough guy”. His family had a history of trouble with the law. His older brother created a bad reputation for all of them. John was targeted early on by authorities. They felt he was unmotivated. Teachers cornered him and roughed him up on the first day of high school to warn him about bad behavior.  The local police chased him on the street. In John’s word’s, “I showed them that their worst nightmare about me was true.”  […]

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Want a Great Team? Stop Doing Stupid Things!

Great team

Sometimes managers do stupid things and then they wonder why their teams aren’t a…team.  For example, a manager attended an orientation meeting for some of his new employees.  He gave a short five minute speech and ended with, “I have an open door policy.” Later that week I observed him yelling at an employee by saying, “Don’t you see I am busy here?!  Never interrupt me again!”  Here are some of the most obvious errors that turn employees off and cause them to start looking for another job.

1. Berate people in front of others

Nobody wants to be embarrassed or deserves to being treated disrespectfully. “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers,” said Stephen Covey

2. Flap your mouth and don’t listen

Managers hold lots of meetings. Our research shows that in two out of three meetings they hold, they do most of the talking and very little listening. One study of 400 […]

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The Secret Sauce to Employee Engagement

Few companies or leaders have or know the “secret sauce” to employee engagement. This is a business disaster. This employee engagement training video will highlight these facts.(In just eight minutes out of your day!)  I will share  the “secret sauce” of employee engagement.  It all begins with leadership. Managers, supervisors, team leaders and even executives have to change. If leaders transform how they view and relate to employees, they will tap an incredible potential. I also highlight in this added employee engagement video four leadership strategies that ladle on the ‘secret sauce’.

Coke has a secret formula. McDonald’s has a special sauce. Kentucky Friend Chicken has eleven key herbs and spices. There is a lack of a secret sauce with employees in many companies. Research shows 87% of employees are disengaged in organizations worldwide.  A lack of engagement produces poorer productivity, morale and overall business results. This costs companies billions of dollars in lost sales and profits. Countless managers fail as a result. Even more important, millions of employees are distressed and unhappy at work. Why? Because of being treated poorly by their supervisor […]

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Rate Your Boss Today-Anonymously

WCW, RateYourBossToday

Why not? Your boss evaluates you, why can’t you do it also? You spend nearly as much time at work as you do at home. Maybe more in some cases. Whether you work for a bad boss or a good one, we would appreciate your contribution.

Annually, WCW Partners (Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh Co-Founders) surveys various markets for their perspectives on leadership. Please help us contribute to a significant upgrade to the field of leadership. We have used past survey results to collaborate in leadership forums, serve our customers better, write leadership books and create hands on material for managers everywhere. Go here, it is an anonymous and to the point behavioral survey, it will only take a few minutes…

WCW 2015 Global Leadership Survey 

Unfortunately, leadership derailment surveys show that somewhere between 50-67% of leaders fail. Companies and the world stage are crying for better leaders. We need to continue to learn what works, and share it openly with everyone. The #1 reason employee’s […]

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Two Questions All Employees Should Ask Their Boss


Do you want to get ahead in your career? Do you want to make more money? Are you doing interviews but getting no job offers. Or, have you landed a few jobs and they ended up being entirely different than what you expected? Are you stuck in a job and going nowhere? Benjamin Franklin said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” This post will help you in these two situations:

  • You are considering that you need a new job, and are beginning the job seeking and interview process.
  • You have a job but you are not going anywhere–limited pay increases and no opportunities for a promotion.

Good news! The economy is growing in the US. Jobs are becoming more plentiful. Companies have over $2 trillion in cash and are beginning to spend some of it. The bad news is that in many other areas of the world, the economic conditions aren’t […]

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