7 Fairy Tales Companies Tell Employees

7 Fairy Tales

In employee engagement surveys, one of the top areas of complaints is communication. The number one skill most CEOs say helped them get to the top is their ability to communicate.That is quite a gap in perception! Here are seven other common ‘fairy tales’, where companies say one thing and often do another, that are detrimental to your future career success.

Employees are our most valuable assets

Worldwide only 13% of employees are engaged. How can employees be the company’s greatest assets when most do not really like what they are doing or where they are doing it? Most companies treat employees as a small cogs in a large wheel. Enough said.

Customers are our #1 priority

I travel frequently and see the best and worst of how companies actually treat their customers. The poor experiences seem to overwhelm the best. For example, these companies below say they are customer oriented, but an ACSI survey proves they are not. Just like thousands of […]

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The Secret Sauce to Employee Engagement

Few companies or leaders have or know the “secret sauce” to employee engagement. This is a business disaster. This employee engagement training video will highlight these facts.(In just eight minutes out of your day!)  I will share  the “secret sauce” of employee engagement.  It all begins with leadership. Managers, supervisors, team leaders and even executives have to change. If leaders transform how they view and relate to employees, they will tap an incredible potential. I also highlight in this added employee engagement video four leadership strategies that ladle on the ‘secret sauce’.

Coke has a secret formula. McDonald’s has a special sauce. Kentucky Friend Chicken has eleven key herbs and spices. There is a lack of a secret sauce with employees in many companies. Research shows 87% of employees are disengaged in organizations worldwide.  A lack of engagement produces poorer productivity, morale and overall business results. This costs companies billions of dollars in lost sales and profits. Countless managers fail as a result. Even more important, millions of employees are distressed and unhappy at work. Why? Because of being treated poorly by their supervisor […]

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Rate Your Boss Today-Anonymously

WCW, RateYourBossToday

Why not? Your boss evaluates you, why can’t you do it also? You spend nearly as much time at work as you do at home. Maybe more in some cases. Whether you work for a bad boss or a good one, we would appreciate your contribution.

Annually, WCW Partners (Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh Co-Founders) surveys various markets for their perspectives on leadership. Please help us contribute to a significant upgrade to the field of leadership. We have used past survey results to collaborate in leadership forums, serve our customers better, write leadership books and create hands on material for managers everywhere. Go here, it is an anonymous and to the point behavioral survey, it will only take a few minutes…

WCW 2015 Global Leadership Survey 

Unfortunately, leadership derailment surveys show that somewhere between 50-67% of leaders fail. Companies and the world stage are crying for better leaders. We need to continue to learn what works, and share it openly with everyone. The #1 reason employee’s […]

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Increase Your Learning; Accelerate Your Career

WCW, IfAnEmployeeFails

Do you know everything you need to know about what it takes to succeed in your career? “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts,” says former President Harry S.Truman. Do you want a breakthrough in your personal success this year? Why not seek a positive change? Why not help your employees succeed more? Their success determines your success as a leader.

An interesting fact shows that only 13% of people read a book a month. Nearly half of all people read fewer than two books a year. Accenture found that only 21% of employees attended a company sponsored training program in the last five years. In other words too many people are “stuck” in the status quo. In this rapidly changing world, the lack of a commitment to on-going learning, self-directed or company driven, is a liability. Those leaders who accelerate their learning will have an edge.

I am reminded of a story. I was at the YMCA getting dressed after a workout. […]

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10 Habits of Truly Terrific Employees

terrific employee

Truly terrific employees distinguish themselves from all others in ways that are strikingly apparent to their colleagues and bosses.  Much of it is about their behavior and attitude, but it is more than that. They genuinely care about what they do and have pride in their work. Unfortunately, they are way to rare.

Here are ten habits that the best employees exhibit every day. I have met many through consulting projects over the last twenty years. They are exceptional people and a joy to work with. Emulate them and you will move you to the top of the heap. I believe every person has the truly terrific within them, waiting to emerge.  As Sly and the Family Stone said in a song, “Everybody is a star!”  Do you want to ramp up your career and move ahead?  Then picture YOURSELF being terrific, because you are if you choose to be.

1. Handle the tasks no one else likes […]

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3 Powerful Positive Attitudes

Do you have too many troubles or problems? Are you disappointed or frustrated about your current situation? Do you feel you can achieve more in life? Where is your success? In this motivational video clip Rick will share 3 powerful  positive attitudes to help unleash your potential.

The attitude you choose, becomes the action you take. Positive thinking isn’t your ticket, Choosing winning thoughts and acting on them is the secret. Now, it takes work and persistence, but the good news you can overcome your obstacles and problems. You are made in the image of greatness. Visualize it, verbalize it and vitalize it. Watch this positive attitude and success motivation video to get started today.

Do you want to achieve your goals? Go here for a complimentary download-THE 5 LAWS OF GOALPOWER.  

Or, do you want a step by step program to accelerate your success in your career and life. If so, check out our GOALPOWER EBook.

If you are a manager, know that Doug and Rick, co-founders at WCW Partners, have coached or trained over 250,000 managers worldwide, […]

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3 Steps to Achieve More Success-Today!


How do you achieve more success today? What’s the hidden answer? Do it now! Take action and make a decision today. There is no self-improvement, only increasing in the ability to be all that you already are.

Success is a state of being not a journey or a destination. You don’t need all the answers now, you do need a goal that you believe in with your heart and soul. Success involves your attitudes, feelings, values, and beliefs. It is not a cookie-cutter, once-in-a-lifetime idea. It’s personal, unique and individual. Just ask 100 people to define success, and you will get many different answers. However you define it, you have to act. Now, apply these three mountain moving ideas to help you make progress today and achieve more tomorrow.

  • State of being
  • Support
  • System

WCW, Success is a sate of being


Suzy stood in front of her kindergarten class for show-and-tell and declared, “Today, I’m not here to talk about a […]

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Good Leaders Don’t Mess with Generational Differences

Generational Differences

The best leaders don’t care that much for generational differences. I have found that factors such as age, or sex, or background, or religion are relatively oblivious to them. While at the same time they take a keen and sensitive approach to each employee’s potential, needs and aspirations.

New research shows that millennial’s  want variety, choice, access and transparency in the workplace. Coincidentally traditionalists, generation Xers and baby boomers want about the same things. Also, research demonstrates that the differences of Generation Y have been exaggerated. Good leaders aren’t that concerned with these matters anyway. Good leaders deal with each person as an individual not as a grouping or category or mindset. For example, just because a person is older doesn’t mean he wants to retire or can’t be creative. Likewise, just because someone is younger and inexperienced doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of supervising others or making quality decisions. Good leaders give everyone an opportunity to contribute fully and to do what they do well and to […]

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