Want a Great Team? Stop Doing Stupid Things!

Great team

Sometimes managers do stupid things and then they wonder why their teams aren’t a…team.  For example, a manager attended an orientation meeting for some of his new employees.  He gave a short five minute speech and ended with, “I have an open door policy.” Later that week I observed him yelling at an employee by saying, “Don’t you see I am busy here?!  Never interrupt me again!”  Here are some of the most obvious errors that turn employees off and cause them to start looking for another job.

1. Berate people in front of others

Nobody wants to be embarrassed or deserves to being treated disrespectfully. “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers,” said Stephen Covey

2. Flap your mouth and don’t listen

Managers hold lots of meetings. Our research shows that in two out of three meetings they hold, they do most of the talking and very little listening. One study of 400 […]

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How to Really Succeed as a Leader

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How do you get someone to follow you?  A leader takes people to where they want to go. A great leader takes people to where they ought to be. That’s the essence of superstar leaders’ presence and the characteristics they possess. Successful leaders have found that it isn’t position power that matters most in the employee/supervisory relationship. Personal power is the real key.

Leadership through position power involves these strategies:

  • Dictatorial approach
  • Employees are subordinate
  • “Do as I say!”
  • Fear strategies
  • The leader has all the answers

Leadership through personal power includes these strategies:

  • Engagement approach
  • Employees are partners
  • “Do as I do also!”
  • Influencing strategies
  • The team has the answers, too

WCW, TalkstheWalkThis is an exciting time to be a leader. Never before has there been any statistical evidence linked to leadership effectiveness. True leadership effectiveness has more to do with who you are and less to do with your job title.

What are the characteristics of a Successful Leader?

Research by management gurus Kouzes and Posner, found four crucial leadership […]

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The Secret Sauce to Employee Engagement

Few companies or leaders have or know the “secret sauce” to employee engagement. This is a business disaster. This employee engagement training video will highlight these facts.(In just eight minutes out of your day!)  I will share  the “secret sauce” of employee engagement.  It all begins with leadership. Managers, supervisors, team leaders and even executives have to change. If leaders transform how they view and relate to employees, they will tap an incredible potential. I also highlight in this added employee engagement video four leadership strategies that ladle on the ‘secret sauce’.

Coke has a secret formula. McDonald’s has a special sauce. Kentucky Friend Chicken has eleven key herbs and spices. There is a lack of a secret sauce with employees in many companies. Research shows 87% of employees are disengaged in organizations worldwide.  A lack of engagement produces poorer productivity, morale and overall business results. This costs companies billions of dollars in lost sales and profits. Countless managers fail as a result. Even more important, millions of employees are distressed and unhappy at work. Why? Because of being treated poorly by their supervisor […]

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What You Don’t Know and Why It Matters

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This post is for the leader, the amateur, the entrepreneur, the customer service rep, the HR specialist, the CEO, the employee, and the sales professional. In truth, this message is a for everyone because it can benefit everyone. In many circumstances (not all), we approach an individual, a prospective problem, a conversation and the situation with one major misconception: we think we know it all.

  • Individuals or team: We know what is needed, and we’re determined to help them recognize that need.
  • Problems: We know the issue, and we’re dedicated to helping the person (or team) solve that issue.
  • Conversations: We know what needs to be said, and we’re committed to inspiring and helping the person (or team) hear the message.
  • Situations: We know what needs to happen, and we’re devoted to making it happen.

Objectively, these can all look like great things. We’re committed in all cases. So why are any of them an issue? 

WCW, misconceptionsWe are committed to our goals, our perspectives, our interpretations, our understandings, and our visions. Despite how we attempt to convince ourselves that it’s about […]

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How to Be a Good Boss and Achieve Your Goals

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Think of the worst supervisor or boss you ever had. Chances are someone comes immediately to mind. Why do you consider this person “the worst?” How did he or she act? How did this bad boss’s approach affect your attitude and work effort? Did this person influ­ence you to do your best?

Now, think of a situation where you had the best boss ever. (It’s harder to identify a boss who shines, isn’t it?) What was this person like, and what did he or she do differently? How did this person affect you and your work effort?

WCW, AreYouAGoodBossorBadBoss

Did you want to do a better job for the best boss versus worst boss? Of course! Regrettably, it’s far more likely that the majority of our work life has been spent reporting to bad bosses. Bad bosses continue to dom­inate the landscape of corporate America today. Despite the research on effective leadership and companies’ profit and loss statements, bad bosses are […]

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Legendary Lessons from Ten Great Leaders

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No leader is born great or a hero. It comes from education, experience, and the lessons learned from others. Here are ten great leaders and the legendary lessons they have given us. Are you willing to receive and apply them?

Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years for his beliefs about freedom and equality.  He eventually became the first black President of South Africa. He changed a nation and ended apartheid by his selfless but resolute leadership. He demonstrated reconciliation and forgiveness. Lesson 1 is to be clear on your values. Mandela reminds us,“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a statesman and hero in early Rome. He was highly regarded and an opponent of the ruling elite of his day. Following the condemnation of his son, he was forced to live simply on his small farm. […]

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Why Coaching is the “Secret Sauce” of Leadership

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“On Raglan Road” by Van Morrison and the Chieftains has these lines about hidden, subtle ideas:

I gave her gifts of the mind,
I gave her the secret signs,
That’s known to the artists who have known
The true gods of sound and stone.  

With the rapid pace of life and change in the modern world, there isn’t time for not revealing any secrets today. Too many managers fail unnecessarily. I hope they all succeed. While there are other important leadership skills, the lack of coaching is one of the main reasons for leadership derailment. Poor leaders don’t seem to care. I have seen too many managers in too many companies short circuit their results, careers and employees’ potential because of this. Coaching is not an inborn trait. It’s about learning a process and applying all the emotional intelligence skillsrequired for good relationships. If you are a manager or you want to be a manager you can […]

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How to Be a Leader When You Don’t Have the Title Yet

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Real leaders don’t depend on the “leader” label to launch their leadership legacy. For example:

  • Scientist and former President of India, Abdul Kalam is one of the country’s most respected leaders Starting from near poverty, he took odd jobs to pursue his education, studying aerospace engineering where he achieved great success.
  • Jack Ma is founder and chairman of Alibaba Group, an Internet based company.  He desired to learn English so he rode his bike to a nearby hotel every day to talk to tourists. He failed an entrance exam at an university three times before going on to receive a BA in English. He doesn’t write computer code and hasn’t made one sale to a customer. Yet he became a student chairman, and later started a business with some US friends to build websites for Chinese companies.  Today he is one of the richest men in the world.
  • Stephen Biko was an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa. He grew up with modest means but always subject to the racism […]
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