12 Leadership Qualities of an Exceptional Team-builder

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Imagine trying to build a shed by buying some 2x4s, a bag of nails and a hammer. Then you start pounding together the wood, with no plan or sketch, no measurements, and no thoughtful consideration of how to transform the image in your head into a solid, well-built and handsome shed.  NOT pretty.

Too many team-builders fail because of a lack of forethought. Before you begin to lead others effectively, it’s important that you have a complete picture of the qualities you will be offering the team through your leadership. Do a very basic review. Ask people who report to you, your boss, and some of your peers to evaluate your ability to build or rebuild a team. Consider doing a formal leadership assessment. This can help you focus on some of the strengths and development areas before you begin the team-building process.

Here are twelve leadership qualities important for great team-building

  1. Displays self-awareness
  2. Listens well
  3. Expresses self well
  4. Manages conflict skillfully
  5. Acts with empathy
  6. Displays ability to develop others
  7. Engages […]
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Rate Your Boss Today-Anonymously

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Why not? Your boss evaluates you, why can’t you do it also? You spend nearly as much time at work as you do at home. Maybe more in some cases. Whether you work for a bad boss or a good one, we would appreciate your contribution.

Annually, WCW Partners (Rick Conlow and Doug Watsabaugh Co-Founders) surveys various markets for their perspectives on leadership. Please help us contribute to a significant upgrade to the field of leadership. We have used past survey results to collaborate in leadership forums, serve our customers better, write leadership books and create hands on material for managers everywhere. Go here, it is an anonymous and to the point behavioral survey, it will only take a few minutes…

WCW 2015 Global Leadership Survey 

Unfortunately, leadership derailment surveys show that somewhere between 50-67% of leaders fail. Companies and the world stage are crying for better leaders. We need to continue to learn what works, and share it openly with everyone. The #1 reason employee’s […]

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To Achieve Your Dream, You Need a Team

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Self-help is a fallacy. Over the years, all of the advice gurus have had our attention—-but have misled us. Self-help makes for a good story or seminar but it’s all fairy tales, like the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Research suggests that self-help books can actually have the opposite effect, by creating even more feelings of inadequacies in the reader. Even research on self-help tapes or DVDs have been found to have little or no value on the listener. Statements like those below actually cause more harm than good:


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Why a Bad Boss Isn’t a Good Excuse for Mediocrity

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My business partner and I have been spending a lot of time discussing the good, the bad and the inept leader, especially with our latest book release,  SuperSTAR Leadership.  Now, all of this is good and intentional. However, I think it’s time (for a moment) we take the spotlight off the not-so-stunning leader and put the employee, maybe you, in the hot seat.

Yes, it’s important to recognize that leaders aren’t always impressive – but, it’s just as important to recognize our role in the relationship. Just because a boss is bad does not give us a good excuse to be a second-rate team member.  After all, it’s easy to see what your manager is doing wrong when you think that  you’re right. It’s normal to think you’d do it differently (and more successfully), but until you’re in your manager’s shoes, you truly have no idea how you’d handle the role. So right now, take responsibility for your […]

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Be a “Student of the Game” of Leadership

Don’t be like other managers, supervisors, coaches, trainers and leaders. 50-67% fail every day. Be different! Be effective! Do it for yourself, your family and your team. Check out these resources to ramp up your success this year! Become a “student of the game” of leadership. We believe you can achieve incredible goals with the right game plan and approach!

Do you want a proven game-plan for career success? If so, check out Doug and Rick’s Superstar book series.

superstar booksDo you want to accelerate your management career and truly motivate others? Check out our 4 Dynamic Training & Coaching Breakthrough programs:


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Are You a Good Boss or a Bad Boss?

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Think of the worst supervisor or boss you ever had. Chances are someone comes immediately to mind. Why do you consider this person “the worst?” How did he or she act? How did this bad boss’s approach affect your attitude and work effort? Did this person influence you to do your best?

Now, think of a situation where you had the best boss ever. (It’s harder to identify a boss who shines, isn’t it?) What was this person like, and what did he or she do differently? How did this person affect you and your work effort?

Did you want to do a better job for the best boss versus worst boss? Of course! Regrettably, it’s far more likely that the majority of our work life has been spent reporting to bad bosses. Bad bosses continue to dominate the landscape of corporate America today. Despite the research on effective leadership and companies’ profit and loss statements, bad bosses are an epidemic killing off employee productivity and creativity […]

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Leadership & Management – A Duet for Success


Great duets produce superior results. You’ve probably wondered at some point in your career…what’s the difference between leading and managing? Some managers lead…other leaders manage. If you label yourself one, does that mean you can’t do the other? Do they really differ? These are all questions that make sense, ought to be asked and at the end of the day, matter if you’re a manager.

Which is more important in an organization, leadership, or management?  Peter Drucker suggested that, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”  While consultants and writers have discussed this issue at length, there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer. Leadership and management do not encompass the same skills—what is the difference and is it important? The best way to describe the difference is that managers get people to do things and leaders get people to want to do things.

If we bucket these two things together, […]

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10 Phrases BAD Managers ALWAYS Say-OFTEN

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Bad managers are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, they lurk in the halls of organizations every where, and stifle employee engagement and effectiveness. Here are ten phrases that they say regularly. (Often sprinkled with their vulgar language) You will always know a bad manager when you hear one, and I’m confident that you have heard a few. Do these sound familiar?

1. “Do what I tell you to to do.”

On a recent business trip a client manager confided in me that he was “stuck”.  His customer experience numbers were okay but he wasn’t a company leader. After observing him in action and reviewing his plans, the answer was obvious to his management team and me. This manager came up with the plans and told people what to do and how to do it. There was little engagement, or appreciation for the effort. The team was disillusioned and results suffered.

2. “We have never done it that way.”
How many times have you heard this? Heaven […]

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