How to Create a High Performance Team

In this team leadership training video Rick will share two keys to building a high performance team: content and process. Content involves the goals and tasks of the team. Process is how people work together. This involves communication, planning, handling conflicts, problem solving, facilitating relationships and other people related skills. This is where most teams-over 60% of them-fail.

Why a Team Fails

Teams fail because they lack five primary ingredients:

1. leadership
2. group training
3. goals and plans
4. conflict resolution skills
5. problems solving skills

To overcome this you need the High Performance Formula. It’s a guide to inspiring your team without you needing to be a motivational speaker.

The High Performance Formula

Rick will also challenge your mental models to think differently. As a leader, to create a real T.E.A.M. (and not a shallow acronym), you will have to change. It’s one of the of the keys to understanding and applying the HIGH PERFORMANCE FORMULA: HP=CE X (C + C+ C). He will define these four ingredients that will facilitate creating a high performance team.

Great leaders learn to creatively renew their team’s energy […]

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12 Leadership Qualities of an Exceptional Team-builder

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Imagine trying to build a shed by buying some 2x4s, a bag of nails and a hammer. Then you start pounding together the wood, with no plan or sketch, no measurements, and no thoughtful consideration of how to transform the image in your head into a solid, well-built and handsome shed.  NOT pretty.

Too many team-builders fail because of a lack of forethought. Before you begin to lead others effectively, it’s important that you have a complete picture of the qualities you will be offering the team through your leadership. Do a very basic review. Ask people who report to you, your boss, and some of your peers to evaluate your ability to build or rebuild a team. Consider doing a formal leadership assessment. This can help you focus on some of the strengths and development areas before you begin the team-building process.

Here are twelve leadership qualities important for great team-building

  1. Displays self-awareness
  2. Listens well
  3. Expresses self well
  4. Manages conflict skillfully
  5. Acts with empathy
  6. Displays ability to develop others
  7. Engages […]
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To Achieve Your Dream, You Need a Team

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Self-help is a fallacy. Over the years, all of the advice gurus have had our attention—-but have misled us. Self-help makes for a good story or seminar but it’s all fairy tales, like the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Research suggests that self-help books can actually have the opposite effect, by creating even more feelings of inadequacies in the reader. Even research on self-help tapes or DVDs have been found to have little or no value on the listener. Statements like those below actually cause more harm than good:


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6 Turnaround Tactics for a Failing Team

Research shows 60% of teams fail. This costs companies billions of dollars in lost profits. Teams fail because managers don’t know to build plans or orchestrate how people can best work together. In this team-building and leadership video Rick will show you how to turnaround a failing team.

Managers who know how to rapidly and effectively create high performance teamwork are golden to their organizations. They will get better assignments and promotion opportunities.

Leaders have to consider two broad areas in creating high performance teamwork: content and process. The content involves the goals of the team. The process involves the interpersonal working relationships of the team. This leadership video clip will give you six keys to helping a team-any team-win!

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By the way, do you want to elevate your coaching effectiveness and success? If so, check out this complimentary article: Coaching for Excellence.

Also, do you want more ideas on how to inspire your team? Check this out: How to Motivate-NO INSPIRE-Employees: 10 Keys to Employee Engagement.

Or, […]

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7 Comments Employees Make that Destroy Teamwork


If you have ever been part of a team, there were probably days when you wondered, “Why bother? I could do this faster myself.”

Maybe for the project on that one day it was true that one person could handle it all. But effective teams offer a richness that one person can’t give to even a small project.

The bottom line is that a team’s success largely depends on the content and the process. The content involves the task for the team, for example: improving a work process, preparing for product presentation, or creating a marketing campaign. Process involves how well people work together on that team. This includes their planning efforts and interpersonal working relationships.

Yet, 60% of work teams fail. Why? See my post, 13 Troubles of Terrible Teams. I want to focus on the second point in that post, which is tacky team members, this does include the leadership. They don’t know how to work within a team, and their people skills are lacking.

Whether […]

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6 Turnaround Tactics for a Failing Team

terrible team pictures

Team failures, which sit at about 60%, demoralize employees, reduce productivity, cost companies billions of dollars, and inhibit innovation. If you are the leader, besides the personal frustrations and disappointment a failing team causes, it is also a potential career buster.

Here are other roadblocks to get out in the open. Team failure is exacerbated by three inter-related reasons:

  • Only 13%of employees are engaged, based on employee engagement studies. In other words, they don’t like what’s happening at work and aren’t really ‘plugged in’ or giving it their best.
  • Over 50%of managers fail according to leadership derailment studies. Besides a lack of people skills, a key reason for the failure is the inability to lead teams.
  • Only 21%of employees have attended a company sponsored training program in the last five years. Companies don’t prepare employees to work well as a team.

The stakes are big, whether you move the needle or you don’t. When you achieve a breakthrough with a difficult team you become invaluable to your company. You become […]

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10 Keys to Employee Engagement

Only 13% of employees are engaged worldwide according to studies. This is a disaster. The result creates lower sales, productivity, customer service and morale. This costs companies billions of lost revenue and profit. Managers careers are cut short as a result. It doesn’t have to happen to you.

This leadership training video shows you how to change all of that. You will learn 10 proven and practical ways to not only engage employees but to inspire them. For example, at a recent meeting with 25 managers I found that none of them had written plans for their teams. This means little communication about goals or expectations, minimal involvement or buy-in about how to achieve departmental goals and no creativity to accelerate results. In other words, it was “same old, same old” every day. Talk about a boring environment.

Leadership derailment studies show that at least 50% of managers fail primarily because of a lack of planning, the lack of teamwork and poor people skills. Watch this leadership video clip and take notes. Learn to do each of […]

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13 Troubles of Terrible Teams and the Antidote


While there is no “I” in team, it is really not true. Teams fail every day because of selfish and uncooperative people. It happens in the board room, on the manufacturing floor, during engineering projects or IT initiatives, and in the sales arena. Research shows that 60% or more of teams fail. Too many teams are in terrible shape. If you are the leader of one of these troubled teams you are in peril; the odds aren’t good for your success.

Research shows that teams do less well-not better-than the total potential of the individual members of the team. Companies are wasting a tremendous amount of money and time by allowing this to happen. Here are the thirteen troubles.

What are Your Concerns?

  1. Lethargic leadership-Most managers lack the people skills and facilitation skills to create notable teamwork. In fact, too many managers are masquerading as leaders while clamoring up the corporate ladder to really care about learning how to do it. In addition, few teams ever consider shared leadership.
  2. Tacky […]
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