The Manager’s Report Card: Good Boss Bad Boss – Which One Are You?

report cardMost managers today have to do more with less and are under the gun to achieve bigger objectives. All leaders from the first-line supervisor to the division executive want to exceed their goals, preferably in grand fashion. Who wouldn’t?

The problem is that few managers are exceeding their goals. Many managers are stressed, anxious, doubtful and living in fear for their jobs. Too many are fed up with office politics and corporate ambiquity. While the economy is improving, growth rates in most companies are sluggish. The pressure is on to improve everywhere. Manager’s leadership practices are at the core of the issue, as shown in this Manager’s Report Card. With some adjustments there is hope that any given manager can turn things around.

The Manager’s Report Card

According to management derailment studies 50% of managers fail. Some say it’s worse than that. This is beyond the normal bell curve. These are massive failures, and those who don’t out-right fail are lacking key approaches that will motivate a […]

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The Greatest Motivational Speech of All-Time: 3 Success Strategies for Winning in Life by Rick Conlow

Who doesn’t want to be more successful? Real motivation is a do it yourself job. It’s been said, “If it is to be then it’s up to me.” Yet, it is easier said than done.

Do you often get discouraged? Or, do you move three steps forward and two steps backward? Do you feel like your spinning your wheels, too often? Too many of us focus on the wrong things in life. We focus on the problems not the possibilities. Sages of time past have long recorded, “that which you think about most you become.” Success in life is about positive thinking-pulse. Now is the time for your breakthrough! Now is the time for your success! Wouldn’t you agree? To be all you can be you must dream of being more, and act with genuine intention.

In this motivational success video, Rick enthusiastically shares why people fail to achieve their goals and 3 keys to successful living. His success strategies will reinforce your will to win. While it isn’t easy and all of us will have problems […]

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Execute Your Strategy Flawlessly: 4 Leadership Principles to Help You Win While Others Fail

Let me ask you a question. If a company has a cost leadership strategy they want to gain the maximum number of customers on price.  Will they do everything they can to win, or not?   Of course!  They will identify tactics throughout the organization to succeed, right?

Why is it that, according to a Fortune survey, 82% of CEOs were concerned about their companies’ ability to execute the company plan?  Why is it that only 27% of the time the workload of employees are considered in making these plans?  Why is it that only 5% of managers can really articulate their company’s strategy?  One company recently bragged it had over 100 initiatives to achieve its customer loyalty strategy. What do you think the odds are that they will make excellent progress?  Kotter says 70-75% of these change efforts don’t work or meet expectations.

This Catch-22 of grand strategies and failed attempts plague businesses and managers everywhere.  There are many reasons for the failures–here are the top ten:

Then of course, disaster strikes when the company has the wrong […]

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Leadership Effectiveness: Achieving Your Personal Best Results

Have you ever asked yourself this question: how can I be the best manager I can be? Or, how can I use my leadership ability to be the best at what I do?

Here is the way to start to answer that question. Think of a time in your career when you did your best work ever. Choose a situation that exemplifies your highest performance. Olympic athletes today use technology to analyze personal best performance and then compare it to the best in world. Then they use superb training and coaching to bridge the gap to reach their highest potential.

You can initiate this as well through this mental exercise. Get a clear picture of the event in your mind of what you accomplished. Relive it with as many specifics as you can. Replay it in your mind as if it were a movie. Think of the details – people, problems, sounds, feelings and surroundings. Review in your mind what happened, how you behaved, what you felt and what you achieved. This type of mental rehearsal is […]

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SuperSTAR Customer Service: 5 Strategies of the Best

Rick shares the five strategies of customer service superstars. You will learn how to:

1. Stay positive-always!
2. Help customers with uncommon friendliness!
3. Delight your customers as you serve them!
4. Go the extra mile and make your customer smile!
5. Solve problems and complaints like a top performer!

For more information on improving Customer Loyalty and to download a complimentary white paper, click here.

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Training Is NOT Telling Employees What To Do

Training is a tool, a resource, and a way for organizations to engage, develop and involve their employees. Although offering regular training opportunities to employees has numerous benefits, many employers avoid training programs because they think the cost and time invested negates any positive benefits produced. In other words, if training costs $100K per year, and they are only able to tangibly identify $50K in results, they easily overlook the other more abstract benefits that can’t be measured and/or haven’t had the time to transpire.

And I am here to tell you – that way of measuring the benefits is simply not accurate.

Some of the benefits companies and managers can expect to experience when they offer regular, valuable training to their employees include:

Given this list, you can see why it’s unrealistic and impractical to simply compare the cost of training with the immediate rewards. Although not all of these benefits will be realized in the short term, some of them will start to materialize if employees have the time and opportunity to implement the lessons learned […]

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Coaching Successfully: The Power of One on Ones

Successful  leaders engage their employees. Many managers today don’t talk to their customers or employees enough. The late Sam Walton of Wal-Mart was asked why he spent one day a week in his office and the rest of the time in stores with employees or customers. He replied that he knew that was too much time in the office, but he wasn’t too old to learn.  If you aren’t meeting with employees regularly, in groups or one-on-one, you are missing a key opportunity to influence them to increase their productivity and improve their results.

The biggest objection managers give about coaching is it takes too much time.  A business has three key resources: capital, material and human. People are the most important resource because they creatively put the other resources to work. The question is why wouldn’t a manager want to invest time in people?

One business we worked with highlighted this dilemma. After talking to employees and spending time in their work areas, they asked us to get their manager to “listen to us and see […]

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For Managers: How to be a SuperSTAR Trainer

As I’ve reported in past posts, research has proven that regular training is key to employee effectiveness. If you’re a manager, that’s important information to ingest. Why? Because we know that managers are oftentimes the best trainers. Managers know their employees better than anyone else in the workplace (or at least they should if they’re SuperSTAR Leaders), so it makes much more sense for managers to create and facilitate training for their employees because they know what their employees need and want.

Training is a skill set, so if you’re a manager and you don’t know how to train, “I am not a trainer,” is no longer a real convincing excuse. You can start learning now!

Typically, training is:

Also, there are usually two aspects to training: the process and the content. In what areas do your employees need to be trained (content) and how and by whom should the training be conducted (process)?

The benefits of training far outweigh the costs, even though costs may vary depending on your company, funds and resources. Two types of training that […]

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