The 15 Character Traits of a Successful Leader

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What does it take to be a successful leader? We know that success leaves clues. Any manager can do it, all of the information needed is available today. Failing as a leader is an excuse for not investing in the effort to learn to build a better team. The team must also learn how to work with an excellent leader as well. It’s different as you will see in the character traits.

WCW, LearnMoreTodayThe fastest way to become a good leader is to talk to, read about, and to be coached or trained by successful leaders. The next step is to “model” what good leaders do while you continue to learn to apply their behaviors, attitudes and strategies.

It takes commitment and diligence to reach a higher standard, but it is doable over time. It’s not something that can happen over a weekend. Practice, trial and error, and repetition are the mother of learning. You have to ask yourself if […]

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The Secret Sauce to Employee Engagement

Few companies or leaders have or know the “secret sauce” to employee engagement. This is a business disaster. This employee engagement training video will highlight these facts.(In just eight minutes out of your day!)  I will share  the “secret sauce” of employee engagement.  It all begins with leadership. Managers, supervisors, team leaders and even executives have to change. If leaders transform how they view and relate to employees, they will tap an incredible potential. I also highlight in this added employee engagement video four leadership strategies that ladle on the ‘secret sauce’.

Coke has a secret formula. McDonald’s has a special sauce. Kentucky Friend Chicken has eleven key herbs and spices. There is a lack of a secret sauce with employees in many companies. Research shows 87% of employees are disengaged in organizations worldwide.  A lack of engagement produces poorer productivity, morale and overall business results. This costs companies billions of dollars in lost sales and profits. Countless managers fail as a result. Even more important, millions of employees are distressed and unhappy at work. Why? Because of being treated poorly by their supervisor […]

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Why Congress Should be Reformed or Abolished

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Congress is leaderless and it hit me straight between the eyes on a recent business trip to Washington D.C.  While at the US Congress, I visited its museum. As I read about and was reminded of the constitutional powers vested in Congress, I became disheartened.  I thought to myself, this is what they are required  to do (Article 1, section 8 ) and they don’t do it well at all. I share this not as a political view but as an example of leadership failure.

WCW, IntegrityLeadershipCharacteristicSo I did some due diligence and found that only 11% of Americans give Congress a positive approval rating, tied for the lowest rating since 1974.  59% of Americans think Congress sells votes for cash. According to one survey, the profession of Congressperson is considered to be one to the top ten sleaziest ways to make a living, just a few notches below a drug […]

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Avoid The Top Ten Examples of Poor Service

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Maybe the best way to begin to describe excellent customer service is to talk about what it isn’t. It certainly isn’t a department or a job title. It’s the opposite of this title, “The Lousy Customer Service We Receive Every Day.” Excellent customer service is seriously lacking most places we spend our money. Think about it, can you recall a recent experience where the customer service was really bad? Sure you can. Think of other places you have spent your hard- earned paycheck: grocery store, bank, restaurant, a fast food chain, a department store, a gas station, a hotel, an airline, an online merchant and the list could go on. How many of these had poor to average service? Probably most of them. How many really stood out and had outstanding service? That’s part of the problem today, not many people or companies deliver excellent customer service. Most don’t seem to know how to or really care about it even though they say they do.

Why is […]

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6 Turnaround Tactics for a Failing Team

Research shows 60% of teams fail. This costs companies billions of dollars in lost profits. Teams fail because managers don’t know to build plans or orchestrate how people can best work together. In this team-building and leadership video Rick will show you how to turnaround a failing team.

Managers who know how to rapidly and effectively create high performance teamwork are golden to their organizations. They will get better assignments and promotion opportunities.

Leaders have to consider two broad areas in creating high performance teamwork: content and process. The content involves the goals of the team. The process involves the interpersonal working relationships of the team. This leadership video clip will give you six keys to helping a team-any team-win!

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By the way, do you want to elevate your coaching effectiveness and success? If so, check out this complimentary article: Coaching for Excellence.

Also, do you want more ideas on how to inspire your team? Check this out: How to Motivate-NO INSPIRE-Employees: 10 Keys to Employee Engagement.

Or, […]

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5 Secrets to Accelerate Your Career

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Have you ever been high? I mean really high…no kidding?Did you know you have to be high to accelerate your career?

The Potential

Arnold Lemerand knows what it means to get high. One day, he was driving with his wife through the neighborhood. As he passed by a construction site, he heard some children frantically screaming. He hurried to their location, where he spotted a young boy with his head pinned under a sewage pipe. If he didn’t act quickly, the pipe would suffocate the boy in the sand. What could he do? Without a second thought, he did the only thing possible; he lifted the 1600 pound pipe and the boy was freed.

Later in an interview with the UPI, Arnold explained that he had a heart attack recently and the doctor told him not to life heavy items. The pipe was so heavy that his two teenage sons tried to lift the pipe and couldn’t. How did Arnold […]

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Walk the Walk; Don’t Just Talk the Talk

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Have you ever worked for someone who said one thing and did another? Did you trust that person? Probably not. Every day we see leaders fall from grace because they didn’t follow-through on stated values  or do what they said they would do. Leading by example is not a new concept but it is one that is needed. Too many leaders expect one thing from their team and they do another. Real leaders-superstar leaders as we call them-model the way. They lead with integrity, treat others respectfully and with dignity, provide superior service, set high standards, and act with genuine intentions.

However, over 50% of managers fail today. Most lack skills in creating plans, building a high performing teams, listening effectively, coaching, handling conflict, executing plans and dealing with poor performance. As a result employee engagement is at all-time lows. It doesn’t have to be that way. Too many leaders aren’t students of game and quit learning just when they need new concepts, skills and ideas the most. Be […]

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10 Habits of Truly Terrific Employees

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Truly terrific employees distinguish themselves from all others in ways that are strikingly apparent to their colleagues and bosses.  Much of it is about their behavior and attitude, but it is more than that. They genuinely care about what they do and have pride in their work. Unfortunately, they are way to rare.

Here are ten habits that the best employees exhibit every day. I have met many through consulting projects over the last twenty years. They are exceptional people and a joy to work with. Emulate them and you will move you to the top of the heap. I believe every person has the truly terrific within them, waiting to emerge.  As Sly and the Family Stone said in a song, “Everybody is a star!”  Do you want to ramp up your career and move ahead?  Then picture YOURSELF being terrific, because you are if you choose to be.

1. Handle the tasks no one else likes […]

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