Do you want to motivate your team to a higher level of performance? Do you want more self-satisfaction and recognition for your efforts? Ramp up your team through four keys approaches to employee engagement.

All companies and managers want employee engagement. Everyone measures it and does action plans. It’s the talk of the town. Yet, we have the highest levels of employee dissatisfaction and disenchantment in history according to Gallup, Dale Carnegie, and Aon Hewitt research. Why? Employee engagement has become a strategy not a way of doing business. It’s seems to be all about the numbers.  It is something corporations and leaders are trying to do to people. In order for it to work it needs to be personal and emotional, and a process that is done with people. Company leadership really needs to care about the success of their employees. Once companies and leaders begin to figure this out they have the opportunity to tap the greatest resources of a company-their employees.

In this leadership training video, Rick reveals 4 leadership skills to drive employee engagement. In order to use these approaches and succeed as leaders, managers need to change. That’s uncomfortable. However, it is doable, and Rick gives you a way to win.

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Rick Conlow is CEO & Co-Founder of WCW Partners, Inc. a management consulting and training firm that helps companies increase their sales growth, sales training effectiveness, leadership training results, customer experience and customer loyalty. He co-author of the SuperSTAR Leadership, Superstar Sales, Superstar Customer Service and twelve other books.  He has helped companies increase employee engagement 12 points or more, improve the customer experience 10 points or more, and increase sales 122%. You can reach Rick at: 1-888-313-0514