In this sales motivation and training video, Rick shares the “5 Steps to Sales Greatness.”  While all salespeople are unique, the best share common sales skills and approaches. Rick will explore five essential and powerful sales techniques with you. Learn them well and you can become a sales superstar.

All salespeople want to win and do well. A few want it more than others. Yet, many shoot themselves in the foot by how they conduct their careers. Sales has been called the lowest paid easy work and the highest paid hard work. If you want to be better, if not one of the best, you have to model what the best do.

For example, all superstar salespeople have the sales motivation to succeed. They keep learning and studying their craft.  They also want to bring great value to their customers and do business with the utmost integrity and caring. In addition, they are students of game in terms of what their customers need or want.

The difference between winning and losing is always very slight. In track and field one hundredth of a second separates first place and second place. We made a $100,000 sale once using a funny story. Another time we made a seven figure sale standing up instead of sitting down. How do you gain these slight advantages? The best salespeople do it through reviewing their results, coaching, training, reading books, watching sales DVDs, or listening to podcasts. YOU can do it, too.

Do you need to make more money this year? Do you want to achieve your highest potential in sales? Do you want more recognition and sales success? Do you want to mine the greatest within you.  Watch this sales training video now.

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Rick Conlow is CEO & Co-Founder of WCW Partners, Inc. a management consulting and training firm that coaches company leaders increase their sales growth, sales training effectiveness, leadership training results, customer experience and customer loyalty. He co-author of the Superstar Leadership, Superstar Sales, Superstar Customer Service and twelve other books.  He has helped companies increase employee engagement 12 points or more, improve the customer experience 10 points or more, and increase sales 122%. You can reach Rick at: 1-888-313-0514