I am reviewing our SuperSTAR Leadership Model, which includes 9 strategies [the first of which, Goals & Planning is discussed here] that SuperSTAR leaders use consistently & effectively to set themselves apart from average leaders. The second strategy in the series is TRAINING, which I will cover today.

In this age- services, technology and products are so similar from one competitor to the next; therefore, people are the primary differentiator. So, are you investing in your people? If so, how are you doing that? Really, employees need ongoing, engaging learning opportunities to be at the top of their game. The training must be relevant, interactive and consistent, if employee productivity is to increase.

So, where do you start if you know you need to train? WCW Partners really believes that managers are the best trainers because managers are closest to their employees. But, to master training methodology and delivery, most managers need to learn professional training techniques and adult-learning principles. While not everyone can become a training expert, most can learn the basics, which can help them to reinforce skills and attitudes through their coaching.

So, how often should you train? Well, considering top athletes train between games and in the off-season, we really don’t think business should be any different. Unfortunately, the reality is that employees rarely have the opportunity to participate in more than one session a year [at the most]. But because each team is unique, do what it takes to determine how much training your team needs.