The truth is, you are in business for yourself even if you work for someone else. You aren’t doing it for free; you need to make a living. You are your own corporation. Incorporate yourself! While each individual must accept personal accountability and responsibility for his or her job and life, the help of others is also important. It’s been said that two heads are better than one, and a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. You can succeed alone, but you’ll multiply your success through the help of others.

They key word is network, network, and network. Do this both inside and outside your company. In other words, make a consistent and persistent effort to make new friends and meet other people. At work, meet as many people as you can in the company.  In sales, for example, the most successful salespeople get referrals. This means that loyal customers give them the names of other people who could use their product or service. You will build more customer loyalty in your job with great teamwork inside the company.

Before you begin or expand your efforts to personally market yourself, consider this philosophy. Motivator and author Bob Conklin build two nice-sized companies from scratch and wrote numerous articles and books. His business philosophy stated, “Help other people become successful, and you’ll be successful.” First you give, and then you get. Teamwork is an unselfish process. The goal is to help your customers, co-workers, friends, and colleagues to achieve their goals. In return, they will be more willing and happy to assist you.